Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living

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I want to slap him with that slice of pizza. Slap him in the face.

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STANLEY by Brion Salazar

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This is my third tattoo, and my best friends first. Both tattoos were done by Jordi Ramone (Whom I HIGHLY recommend to anyone in the south carolina area) at Shanghai Tattoo, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We took a long quote, and split it in half across our chests. The entire quote reads “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” My name is Patrick, and I’m the one on the right with “Every sinner has a future” ( And my friend Raith is on the left. ( The quote itself has massive significance to both of us. Last june, we both made a huge mistake, that landed us with a felony charge, two misdemeanor charges, a couple days in jail, and three years of probation. We were two very stupid teenagers, smoking weed nonstop, partying every night, and not really caring what happened to us. We thought we were invincible, and nothing could stop us. But now, ten months later, after multiple court dates, emotional moments with family and our girlfriends, and a lot of money spent on lawyers and court fees, we are two completely different people. We’re both 20 years old, with decent jobs, good solid relationships with our girlfriends, doing well in school, and of course keeping up with and following the guidelines of our probation. We no longer get high, party every night, or act stupid in general. Of course, we are in college, and still attend the occasional college party, but as long as our grades stay up, and we keep up with our probation, we don’t see anything wrong with having a little bit of fun every once in awhile. Overall we have become decent, functioning members of society. We messed our lives up, and worked hard to put them back together. We’re saints with bad pasts, and sinners with bright futures.
-Charles Patrick Paddock, and Raith James Sullivan

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